FAQ – Video Monitoring

  1. What is the difference between Live and Event Monitoring?
    1. Event driven monitoring is when a camera or motion is triggered, sending a snap shot of the activity at the site.  Live is when an operator is watching the premises even prior to the event happening.
  2. Why is LIVE better than Event?
    1. LIVE Video Monitoring allows the operator to provide proactive response to situations as they occur, resulting in loss prevention and greater security. LIVE Video Monitoring does not restrict you to the number of events per month.
  3. I have a Security Guard; why do I need video monitoring?
    1. Security Guards are a traditional response to problem situations but are not a guarantee of security:
      • High and ongoing monthly costs make them an expensive solution
      • High guard turnover causes inconsistent performance
      • Guards can intimidate workers and deter customers
      • A security guard is unlikely to be in the right place at the right time to prevent employee fraud
      • When an offender is detained by a guard the case is often, “his word against mine” – Not a strong case in a court of law.
  4. I have cameras but am not sure their capability.  Can they be monitored? 
    1. If you have cameras, whether they are analogue or IP, chances are we can monitor them.  Orion Monitoring will take any IP make or model and most analogue cameras.  **Contact your dealer to make arrangements to connect to our station.**
  5.  Why should I choose Orion Monitoring?
    1. Orion Monitoring is a Canadian based, Third Party Live Video Monitoring Station.  We take life safety to the next level.  Our Monitoring station was built on LIVE video monitoring –  NOT Event driven.  We pride ourselves in our Monitoring abilities and customer service levels.  Our Business is to watch over yours – LIVE.
  6. My employees have to park in the back of store where its dark.  Can you watch the alley for a couple of hours to ensure my staff are safe?
    1. YES!  We can customize the monitoring to match your requests.  We can do virtual escorts to ensure your employees are safe in their vehicles and have left the area.
  7. Isn’t Event driven alarms still classified as live video monitoring?
    1. YES.  The difference is that Orion Monitoring doesn’t need an alarm or an indicator to alert us that something is going on at the site.  We are watching long before anything is about to happen and will react the second that something does.