Monitoring Services

Today, Security and Risk Mitigation is of paramount concern. The inability to stop or deter crime while it is happening is frustrating.  Simply recording events for later review, doesn’t deter or prevent future incidents of loss.

Theft, both internal and external, shouldn’t be considered a “cost of doing business.”

It is estimated that less than 10% of all video cameras are actually being monitored. The vast majority of these monitored cameras are event driven and only record once an event has triggered a sensor. 

With event driven monitoring, video footage is reviewed after the event to understand who, what when, where and how. While this information is important, it is reactive and provides no ability to stop an event in progress.

LIVE VIDEO MONITORING means we are actually watching your premises and will take immediate action when an event occurs. Orion’s monitoring centers are fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to watch LIVE over your premises. 

  • Scheduled Live Video Monitoring
  • 24 hour Live Video Monitoring
  • Video Verification
  • Guard Tours
  • Alarm Panel Driven Events

Utilizing a LIVE video feed, we are the eyes to support and supplement your current security infrastructure.

Our services include:

LIVE Video Monitoring:  Cameras are monitored remotely through the internet or by cell, LIVE and in real-time by highly trained Orion Monitoring center personnel.

Two-Way Communication & Voice Down: Orion Monitoring staff will communicate with on-site employees, guards as well as first responders attending such events as break-ins, fire detection or potentially life threatening situations involving robbery or threats against employees or customers. As events occur, Orion Monitoring staff can view the event LIVE and direct first responders to help them determine the best course of action that reduces the risk of loss of life and property.

Archived Footage For Audit and Forensic Review: Orion Monitoring can archive and store event related video to be used as an audit trail or as evidence in legal actions, insurance claims, workplace accidents or any other use as may be required.